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        The top of most popular card games is loved all over the world in our opinion. With them, as with ordinary board games, it’s nice to pass the time in the company, card tournaments are held in many countries around the world. There are more than a thousand varieties of card games, and we have compiled the top 7 most popular of them.

Gin Rummy

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      Most popular in the United States and Latin America. Gin Rummy is derived from the Mexican game kunken, which was popular in the middle of the last century. Now, this version of rummy is spread mainly in Europe and the United States. The game belongs to the logical-strategic, and it is rarely played for money. Gin rummy is designed for 2-4 people. To play in pairs are dealt 10 cards, and the company of three or four people gets to play seven cards each. The rest of the deck is placed in the middle of the table and removed from the top card – the players will discard unnecessary cards on it. 

         The main objective of the game is to put together a combination of three or more cards of the same suit or value. Players can draw cards from both of their decks, but they can’t discard cards they just took from the discard pile. The best position in the game is a gin when a person has no “extra” cards not used in the combination. The player who scores the most points (corresponding to the value of the card, an ace in the frame is a one, Jack, queen and king are tens) loses and surrenders the sheets.


      One of the most beloved in America and Europe, but did not find much popularity in the CIS countries. The forerunner of the bridge is the  “whist”, popular in the Russian Empire since the XIX century, but in Soviet times, almost disappeared. Its complexity is comparable to chess and backgammon, the game is recognized as a kind of intellectual sport. Large tournaments and mini-events for a company of eight people are held on the bridge. A distinctive feature – a man plays not for himself, but for his partner (East is in a team with the West, North with South). 

        In a bridge it is not acceptable to prompt or help a fellow player, the game has a strict code of ethics, not allowing any violation of the rules and discipline. There are four people involved in the home-robber bridge. This variation is less popular because of the large influence of chance on the results of the game. Fans of bridge prefer the sport variation of the game, in which everything depends on memory and logical thinking.


Popular Card Games

        One of the most famous card games in the world, invented specifically for casinos. The forerunner of blackjack is considered to be the popular 19th-century game of Twenty-One in France. Blackjack first appeared in gambling establishments in the United States. 

        Nobody knows exactly when the game appeared but sure today it is on the top list of the most profitable games in the world. There are numerous different types of this game so if you are interested you can check on the Internet. 

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