Fairy Castles


Fairy Castles

   Traveling around the world is one of the most interesting hobbies. It helps us to meet new people, learn about new cultures and understand how our ancestors used to live in different parts of our world. Though, sometimes our journey on the bus or at the airport might become boring. In this case, test your luck at 22Bet register and win the jackpot. We have prepared a list of the most interesting castles that everyone must visit. The fairy tales were created by watching these enormous castles.

Alhambra, Spain 

     The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex that was built by the Moorish rulers of Spain in the 13th century. It’s located in the Andalusian city of Granada, and its name is derived from the Arabic word for “red,” referring to the color of the stone used to build the palace. The Alhambra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Spain’s most popular tourist attractions. 

 Bodiam Castle, England 

 Bodiam Castle, England 

       This 14th-century castle was built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a Knight of the Round Table, in order to defend the area from French invasion. It’s located in the Sussex countryside, about an hour’s drive from London. Bodiam Castle is now a ruin, but it’s still an impressive sight, and its moat is home to a colony of ducks. 

Castle of Good Hope, South Africa 

     This castle is located in Cape Town, South Africa, and it’s the oldest building in the country. It was built by the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century to serve as a fort and a refreshment station for ships traveling to the East Indies. Today, it’s a popular tourist destination and a museum that houses a collection of South African art. 

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland 

dinburgh Castle, Scotland

      This Scottish castle is located in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. It’s built on an extinct volcano, and its strategic location has made it a target for invaders over the centuries. Edinburgh Castle has been the site of many important events in Scottish history, and it’s now one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. 

Prague Castle, Czech Republic 

       Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, and it’s also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. The castle complex includes a number of palaces, churches, and other buildings, and it’s located on a hill in the center of Prague. The castle is also home to the Czech Crown Jewels, which are on display in the Treasury.

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